Our Food, Our passion

We went out on a mission before opening one single location. That mission was to find absolutely the perfect mix of Organic Halal Grass-Fed Beef. What we hand selected comes to you with exceptional flavor.

Free-range chickens

Organic vegetables that are so ripe that you will feel they literally just came from the garden.

The recipe for health starts with what we eat. This was important to our mission. Serving you the absolute best ingredients blended to perfection and prepared to hit you hard in the tastebuds.

Providing you an experience from beef, chicken, organic salad bar, veggie burgers with a special blend that compares to no other, we have you covered, so come hungry.

Tasty Organic food, set inside a cozy burger house.

Starting over 30 years ago, it has become my passion to raise the bar of fast food. Just because it is prepared quickly doesn't mean it can't be healthy.
the Founder

Organic Grass-fed Beef

What we are famous for, grass-fed all organic beef. Scouring the Unites States looking for the perfect land, the perfect farm and the perfect cattle for you to experience a burger that is packed full of flavor and not packed with hormones, antibiotics and other junk was our mission. We are excited to serve you

All Organic Halal Free-Range Beef.

Free Range chicken

It is our pleasure to serve you only the highest quality food. We can only accomplish this by only selecting the best. All our chicken is all free range organic full of flavor with no hormones, antibiotics and other products not needed for your health. We are committed to all natural organic options for your health.

Organic Vegtables

We all know that healthy living is essential to our lives. This is why we believe that serving you only the highest quality organic vegetables is not only the right thing, it is the only way.

Our Food Prepared for You

The best way to experience our wide variety of organic food is to visit the restaurant. Entering with the aromas and sizzle of the griddle is the most enticing your senses can experience to satisfy your palate.

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