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Starting over 30 years ago, it became my lifelong passion to raise the bar of fast food; just because your meal is prepared quickly doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy.

Our Organic, Grass-Fed, Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, Halal Beef is seasoned to perfection and cooked in such a way to leave you wanting more! Unlike traditional fast-food burger joints, we make everything cooked to order, meaning that you are always served with the highest quality and freshest foods daily!

Ensuring inclusivity, we made it a priority to not only incorporate but to perfect the art of Vegan Burgers. From tasting like meat, to tasting like vegetables, our vegan menu has been crafted with all taste buds in mind!

We are excited to serve you top-tier ingredients and to have you be a part of the next wave of fast- fresh- food.

-The Founder


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